Norrängens Alpacka Bed & Breakfast - Sala - Sweden

Welcome to Norrangens Alpacka - Bed & Breakfast.

A Award-winning, cosy, independantly owned, family run - Bed and Breakfast - Västmanland - Sala - Sweden

Where Relaxation meets adventure in a tranquil, impressive and environmentally friendly countryside setting. Stay on Sweden's Largest Alpaca Farm and feel the grass between your toes, pet the animals and enjoy nature.

The nearby historic town of Sala with is's famous silver mine a charming town centre features a diverse selection of welcoming shops and restaurants.

Sala's beautiful and vibrant countryside, inviting forests and lakes offer wonderful nature experiences and a variety of activities.

Sala, history and nature go hand in hand.

Enjoy world-class accommodation in the rural surroundings of the unique, award-winning Niorrängens Alpacka Bed & Breakfast !